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Generating VAT invoices

Invoices for content usage are generated automatically, immediately after on–line payment is made. You may download them as PDF or print directly from the page. In the case you choose to make payment by traditional bank money transfer, a payment order (also called a proforma invoice) will be generated first. This is not an invoice in the meaning of "The Act on VAT", but only a document based on which a payment should be made. Once the account of Photogenica Sp. z o.o. has been credited, the VAT invoice will be generated.


Vat invoice details – licence agreement

The invoice is a part of the licence agreement governing content usage. Usage details of all licensed content are included on the invoice. The other part of the licence agreement are "general terms and conditions" which - together with the invoice - constitute the entire licence agreement.
The invoice for topping up the Photogenica account does not include numbers of specific content items. The licence agreement that is generated once the funds from topping up the account are used for making payment for a current order ("utilize prepayment") includes all content numbers as well as both the detailed scope of the licence and "general terms and conditions".


View the invoice before payment

You may preview your invoice before you make a payment, in order to verify if all billing details are correct and to make sure all the needed information is included. Just click the "VAT invoice preview" link on the payment method selection site. This preview is not a document but only a set of data generated for verification purposes.


Licensee/purchaser data

Purchaser’s data are imported from the registration form. You may edit the data just before making payment in the "My Orders – Order details" menu, or at any time in the menu "My account – My profile edit".
Please note, that due to VAT calculations, it is not possible to change the buyer’s country at the stage of placing an order. You may, and should, select the country while filling in the registration form.


Notes on the invoice

If you would like to include on the invoice notes important for you (such as the number of a project the content will be used for), you may enter the information for the current order in the menu "My Orders – Order details" ("Note to the invoice").


Invoices – signing, storage and delivery

According to current legislation, VAT invoices do not require signatures of seller or buyer. You may download and/or print invoices directly from our site. All your invoices will be available at any time after you sign in to the Photogenica website. We recommend, however, that you also store printed paper copies. We do not send paper invoices by mail.
Relevant legal regulations – Minister of Finance Regulation of 28 November 2008, (Journal of Laws No 212, item 1337), as well as MF Regulation of 14 July 2005 (Journal of Laws 2005 No. 133 item 1119).


Licence taxes

VAT Invoices for Photogenica using content are invoices issued for licensing services. Within the meaning of the Act on VAT (Journal of Laws 2004 no. 54 item 535 with later amendments), provision of services means any service that does not constitute supply of commodities in the meaning of art. 7 of the Act, including also "transferring rights to intangible and legal assets, irrespective of the form in which the legal action has taken place" (art. 8, section 1, item 1 of the Act).
Basic VAT rate applies to licensing, which currently amounts to 23% in Poland.


Detailed guidelines to on–line licensing


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