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Main menu corresponds with subsequent stages of licensing: from registration to the site, through image selection, downloading scans, and generating invoice.
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lightboxes management.
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Quick licensing
of a single content item:
a) enlarge an image and select file size
b) click the "Quick purchase" button
c) verify order amount and billling details
d) pay and download your file and invoice
Easy licensing
of multiple content items:
a) create a new lightbox
b) search images and add them to this lightbox
c) select file size for each item in the lightbox
d) add lightbox to order
e) verify order amount and billling details
f) pay and download your files and invoice
Flexible volume licensing:

A. Use credit packs and save
a) select and buy most suitable credit pack
b) after completing the transaction you will receive an e-mail which
    will direct you to the "content for credits download zone"
c) start downloading files and buy more credits anytime

B. Choose a subscritption plan
a) select most suitable subscription plan and let us know
    which one best matches your needs
b) we will generate a purchase order and provide you with login details
c) start downloading and extend the subscription period anytime
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