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How to order?

After having placed required products (images, illustrations, clips, audio tracks or fonts) in the cart, you need to select the file size for each product and click the “Buy now” button. A new current order will be automatically created. If you would like to add/remove items to/from your cart at this stage, you should remove the entire cart from the current order, make required changes, and add your cart to the current order again clicking the “Buy now” button. As you can add any number of carts to your current order, you can continue shopping even after having added your cart to the current order; next products will be placed in a new cart which can then be added to the same current order (the “Buy now” button).
Next step is to check summary of your current order, verify and complete your billing details, enter your discount code (if you have one) and click “Next” to select the payment method. If you pay on-line, your order will be fulfilled immediately and you will be able to download your files through the “My downloads” menu. If you pay via a traditional bank money transfer, files will be made available for download after the money transfer reaches our bank account, about which you shall be immediately notified.
All products placed in carts added to the same order will be displayed on one invoice. If you wish carts to be displayed on separate invoices, you should firstly add one cart to the current order and make a payment (which shall generate your first invoice), and then add another cart to the order (a new order number will be generated) and make another payment, which will generate your second invoice.


Can I browse history of my orders?

Yes, you can find a full list of your orders in the menu “My orders - My orders”. All orders which have not been paid yet, can be finalized anytime. In case of an on-line payment failure, you can find your order on the list of orders, click its number and try to pay again using a different payment method.


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