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How to use carts?

The Photogenica image bank offers images, illustrations, motion clips, audio tracks, fonts and other copyrighted content (“products”). Every product can be placed in the cart - just click the cart icon visible on the image in the search results or the „Add to cart” button in the zoom view. You can place any number of products in the cart. You can display your active cart anytime - just click the blue cart icon in the top right corner of the site - and select required file size for every product in the cart. Having finished selection of file sizes, click the “Buy now” button in order to add your cart to the current order, where you can verify summary of your purchase. If you would like to add/remove items to/from your cart at this stage, you should remove the entire cart from the current order, make required changes, and add your cart to the current order again.
Having verified your order, you can make a payment and immediately download files of purchased product. You can also continue shopping instead; in such case next product will be automatically placed in a new cart. If you click the “Buy now” button, your new cart will also be added to the current order. You can add any number of carts to your current order. All products placed in carts added to the same order will be displayed on one invoice. If you wish carts to be displayed on separate invoices, you should firstly add one cart to the current order and make a payment (which shall generate your first invoice), and then add another cart to the order (a new order number will be generated) and make another payment, which shall generate your second invoice.


Can I browse history of my carts?

Yes, you can find a full list of your carts in the menu “My carts – List of carts”. Carts which have been purchased (or added to an order) cannot be edited. However, you can make a copy of every cart (using the “Duplicate” function) and make modification to such copy. Carts which have not been purchased yet, can be edited. In order to edit a cart created in the past, just click its number on the list of carts. This cart will be displayed and activated which means that all products added to cart from now on, will be added to this activated cart (until you activate another cart or create a new one).


Can I share my cart?

Yes, you can use the „Share” function to e-mail a link to your cart to anybody. If a recipient is a registered user of the Photogenica website, he/she can duplicate, edit or even purchase the received cart. If a recipient is not logged on the Photogenica site, he/she can only view the received cart. Thanks to the sharing function, carts can also be used as lightboxes, i.e. to demonstrate selections of images, illustrations, vectors, clips, audio tracks, fonts or other content items to colleagues, co-workers or clients.


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