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How to pay for the order?

After checking the content and the amount of money to be paid, followed by verifying billing details (in the "My orders" – "Order details" menu), click "Pay now" to choose a method of payment.
Next, choose a method of payment and go through the process of verification of data regarding payment. When your data are verified successfully, you will obtain access to download files of ordered products. The VAT invoice will also be generated.


How to top up my account?

Topping up an account means making a prepayment for content downloaded later from the Photogenica site. How much you pay in advance is up to you – you can make prepayment at any time. Prepayments are nonrefundable.
Funds from topping up your account may be used to pay for content until the whole top-up amount has been used (choose the payment method called "utilize prepayment").
A VAT invoice for topping up your account is generated. The taxable item on such invoices is "Licence fee for using Photogenica content".
At the moment your account has been topped up, content to be licensed, hasn’t been selected yet. That is why, as an addition to the VAT invoice issued while topping up the account, a licence agreement specifying downloaded content is generated at the moment you utilize prepayment.


What methods of payment are available?

Methods of payment can be divided into three categories:
  • a) On-line payments (credit cards, e-transfers) available through PayU, as well as on-line payments operated by PayPal.
  • b)Regular bank money transfers based on generated ProForma invoices.
  • c) Using funds from topping up the account (the "utilize prepayment" option). This method allows for very flexible purchases. Depending on your organisation’s needs, you may plan topping-up monthly, so that eligible employees could download files without making separate payments for each download.
In the case of "on-line" payments (by credit card, e-transfer, PayPal or using prepaid funds), the order will be fullfilled immediately after your payment data has been authorized. Files of ordered content will be available through the "My Downloads" menu.
In the case of payments by regular money transfer, you need to choose the "bank money transfer" option and click "Pay now", which will result in generating a payment order (also called a proforma invoice). After the payment for the proforma has been credited to the Photogenica bank account, you will receive an e-mail with a link to download files for ordered content.


When do I receive a VAT invoice for my payment?

Immediately after the payment is made.
In the case of paying on-line (by credit card, e-transfer, PayPal), a VAT invoice is generated immediately after the positive verification of your payment data.
In the case of paying online by using pre-paid funds from your Photogenica account, the VAT invoice has already been generated (when the prepayment was made), so you will receive a licence agreement which specifies downloaded content.
In the case of paying by a bank money transfer (based on a proforma invoice), the VAT invoice will be generated immediately after the payment for the proforma invoice has been credited to the Photogenica bank account.
VAT invoices and licence agreements are generated on-line and may be printed or downloaded in the PDF format. For more information click here.


Is paying on-line at the Photogenica site secure?

On-line payments (credit cards, e-transfers) are made via PayU (entity responsible: PayU S.A. with a registered office in Poznań, 182 Grunwaldzka Street). Data that is necessary for making payment is not stored on Photogenica servers. Our partner is responsible for the whole process of payment. To find out more about security policy procedures of PayU, click here.
On-line payments by means of the PayPal system are operated by PayPal.pl (entity responsible: PayPal (Europe) S.a.r.l and Cie, S.C.A, the 5th floor, 22-24 Boulevard Royal L-2449, Luxembourg). Data that is necessary for making payment is not stored on Photogenica.eu servers. Our partner is responsible for the whole process of payment. To find out more about PayPal security procedures, click here.
Basic security rules have to be followed:
  • 1. You shouldn’t share your Photogenica password with third parties unauthorized to use the account.
  • 2. You shouldn’t store your Photogenica password in a location unprotected against an unauthorized use by third parties (e.g. in e-mail received messages box or shared folders).
  • 3. You shouldn’t reply to e-mails requesting your password (Photogenica doesn’t send any such e-mails).
  • 4. A password should contain digits, letters as well as special characters (e.g. #, or %).
  • 5. A password should be modified on a regular basis (menu "My account – My profile edit").
  • 6. Sign out when you leave the Photogenica site, especially when you have any funds on the account, or if any third parties may access your workstation.


Detailed guidelines to on–line licensing


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